New Branding

As you can see, the Taranaki Pioneer Village has updated its logo and branding. We felt that it was time to put a bit more life into the existing brand, while keeping the history and background of the Pioneer Village. Working closely with the designers at SpecialEyes, we worked through numerous design options, colour schemes that would effectively reflect our history and values as an organisation, reflect taranaki Pioneer Village as the venue itself and enable us to move forward with some exciting new ideas and concepts that are currently in the making … we want to make “history come alive”.


As previously mentioned, the process of redesigning the logo and brand was not a quick process. Working with the team at SpecialEyes, we had several focus group meetings and feedback sessions to direct the design and get to where we are today. It was an enjoyable process and the SpecialEyes designers gave us some interesting ideas and concepts that not only challenged out traditional way of thinking for the branding, but also the business model as well. We are continuing to work with the business consultants and designers to further shape the future of Pioneer Village and the visitor experience.


To see where we are at, it is always to see where we have come from. So we have decided to show all the designs, updates and feedback in the process of developing our new brand. We hope you enjoy and keep an eye out here … we are going to make history come alive.